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Maintenance Manager

Yakima, WA
  • Reports to the Director of Engineering
  • Provides direction to Maintenance Managers and Supervisors and in all divisions.
  • Communicates with  USDA personnel
  • Communicates with  contractors and vendors to secure services and supplies, repairs, installations and bids as necessary
  • Routine interaction with the Company Safety Manager, Personnel Staff, Purchasing Agent, all Division Managers and Supervisors as needed.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities
  • Manages all day to day activities for site Maintenance departments.
  • Develops, measures and manages key maintenance metrics consistent with Company Mission Statement and Stretch Goals.
  • Embraces and manages Root Cause Analysis process in all departments and assures its use.
  • Sets and manages the standards of maintenance work for all Divisions. (Quantity and Quality).
  • In conjunction with the Director of Facilities, sets tangible goals with all Maintenance Managers and Supervisors and follows up to assures opportunity for the performance of those goals.
  • Manages maintenance expenditures within budgets.
  • Reviews and approves or denies all maintenance purchase orders.
  • Prepares, oversees replacement item Cap-Ex ROI's.
  • Works with Facilities Director to plan and develop Operational Capital Expenditure Budgets.
  • Provides limited approval of expenditure requests.
  • Plans, organizes, and executes facility improvements work and projects.
  • Plans, organizes, and executes personnel development.
  • Assures completion of all Preventative Maintenance Work while minimizing Unplanned Work
  • Communicates routinely with Divisional Operations Managers and Supervisors to discuss needs and areas for improvements.
  • Performs routine inspections of all maintenance areas, equipment and process systems to assure they are being maintained
  • Performs routine maintenance tasks as required.
  • Coordinates the work of contractors and service personnel.
  • Must be Self-Motivated.
  • Must have the ability to quickly develop, and prepare accurate and complete written reports, plans, and performance summaries for items related to maintenance.
  • Must have the ability to concisely present written reports, plans, and performance summaries to senior management.
  • Must be proficient in the use of Excel, Word or like programs.
  • Desired to have experience with AutoCAD and MC or like programs.
  • Must  have a thorough understanding of Plant Operating Systems and Equipment including, but not limited to, refrigeration, boiler and steam systems, plumbing, electrical, PLC's, hydraulic and air pressurized systems and be able to troubleshoot same.
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of appropriate tools, materials and methodology used in facilities and equipment maintenance.
  • Must be able to effectively respond to Maintenance Supervisors and hourly paid maintenance employees on questions involving operating methods and repair of machinery used in all areas.
  • Minimum of 5 years facilities and operational maintenance experience with a minimum of 3 years in a leadership or supervisory position.
  • Maintenance related engineering degree preferred.
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