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VP of Co-op Operations

Texas, TX
Vice President of Co-op Operations


The goal of this position is to lead and drive efforts of Co-Op management to maximize Co-Op returns to member dairies through the development and maintenance of operational efficiencies, innovation and the highest quality service and products.
The role of the Vice President of Co-Op Operations is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations including, Logistics, Milk Accounting system, Information Technology Systems, Marketing, Risk Management practices, and financing activities. Along with these functional competencies, the Vice President will be expected to cultivate leadership qualities related to human capital management, talent development, and stakeholder relations, ultimately creating a fully robust skillset capable of creating, implementing, and executing the company’s strategic initiatives.
This role will gain heavy exposure to each segment of Fluid Milk Operations (FMO) to gain an exhaustive understanding of the key processes that drive Co-op’s operating model, PMO compliance, plant capacity management.  This role will manage the operation of the Co-Op in customer, hauler and member dairy development, relations and negotiations. Specifically, the VP will:
  • Ensure company is providing the highest quality service through the logistics departments attention to detail, on time deliveries and ability to adjust with customer needs, through personal contact with customers on a routine and as needed basis
  • Negotiate long-term and short-term agreements with customers with appropriate pricing and terms developed through knowledge of market conditions
  • Maintain and refine a logistics and hauling strategy to keep an adequate hauler base and positive hauler relationships to ensure continuity of milk pickups and deliveries in a timely manner
  • Communicate with current and potential customers to maintain and develop a positive working relationship
  • Negotiate with haulers for optional rates and route efficiency
  • Monitor and analyze the Co-Ops milk supply, both conventional and organic, to ensure an adequate supply and the highest quality of that supply
  • Communicate with members on a regular basis ensuring they are aware of Co-Op activities and their dairy’s quality and components
  • Work with SMP plants to maintain and manage milk supply operational usage
Milk Accounting
This role will rotate through each segment of the Milk Accounting Department to gain a thorough understanding of the FMMO management, Producer Payroll and the accounting structure which supports these functions. During this process, the Assistant Vice President will:
  • Develop a workable degree of understanding for each key process
  • Gain a full understanding of the USDA FMMO’s
  • Develop milk Pooling strategies to optimize Federal Order Pool revenue
  • Inherit and perform tasks as assigned by the SVP Co-Op Operations and the VP of Accounting and Finance to add value, supplement development of controls and risk management, perpetuate succession planning and transitions, and/or create bandwidth for the VP Co-Op Operation and VP of Accounting and Finance
Information Technology System
This role will work with the SVP of Operations and the Co-Op through the employee’s current and learned knowledge of Information Systems to assist and give guidance to the IT Department in maintaining and improving IT infrastructure and operations.  Specifically, the VP will:
  • Assess IT operations procedural best practices, IT continuity, personnel competencies and needs, training gaps, succession planning, and contingencies in order to assist the IT manager in maintaining a comprehensive IT department
  • Fully comprehend scope and capacity of IT Systems to optimize and maximize system application and use
Risk Management
This role will support the Co-Op through the employee’s prior work experiences and insights gathered during the Operations rotations to make informed assessments and recommendations concerning the company’s risk profile. Specifically, the VP will:
  • Assess operations procedural best practices, suitability of internal controls, operating continuity, personnel competencies and needs, training gaps, succession planning, and contingencies
  • Report to Senior Management on the current state and suitability of the Control Environment; provide insight toward improvements as needed
This role will partner with the Office of the CEO, COO and CFO with financial analysis and due diligence as new projects are presented or business objectives require. Specifically, the VP will:
  • Conduct business diagnostics to identify, quantify, and prioritize value creation projects with specific focus on profitability and operational risk considerations
  • Compare performance with operating plans and standards
Human Capital
This role will partner with the VP of Human Resources to acquire, develop, and engage the capabilities, leadership and talent to execute the company’s Operation strategy. Specifically, the AVP will:
  • Assess the talent, capabilities, and potential of Operations’ employees, and make recommendations for coaching and development opportunities
  • Provide insights into succession planning, leadership training, performance management and other factors to fully engage employees and maximize productivity  
The Vice President of Co-Op Operations will be a catalyst for progress as we prepare our organization for its next phase of growth.  He/she must be a team player with broad-based business acumen, strategic insight and sound judgment, along with proven in-depth experience in Federal Milk Order analysis and strategic planning.  The individual we seek will also possess the following:
  • Extensive dairy experience with organizations that have developed and maintained a strong focus on operational performance, continuous improvement, and innovation
  • Superior ability to structure and scope complex problems, apply a range of analytical tools, gain and synthesize insights and develop creative solutions to critical business problems
  • Independent capability to frame projects and establish required governance to advance projects
  • Initiative and willingness to closely partner with senior and line managers and other stakeholders on projects to achieve results
  • Experience with financial forecasting, quantitative modeling and scenario analysis
  • Ability to manage several projects concurrently
  • Innate willingness to respectfully challenge point-of-views when necessary and offer alternative, constructive suggestions
  • Unquestionable business ethics, personal integrity and a genuine commitment to the Company’s values
An undergraduate degree is required.  A Master’s degree in business is strongly desired.

For Questions, please contact:

JT Hughes
Managing Partner | Frank Group, Inc
Direct: 615.653.4683 | Mobile: 615.305.7148
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